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Basic Thing You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Carpets 

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One of the investments we can do to improve our interiors is by buying carpets. Carpets are not a necessity, but having it would give you a lot of advantageous benefits. Mainly, carpets add comfort because of its soft and lush fibers, and it can also add aesthetic appeal with its patterns of designs and colors. 

The thing with carpets though is that it needs constant and regular cleaning and maintenance to last long. If we decide to buy carpets, we also decide to have a commitment to do this; carpets that are regularly taken care of would last twice as long as carpets that are not cleaned regularly. To help you in this task, here is a list of basic things you need to know about cleaning your carpets. 


1. Do not Rub

It is inevitable that our carpets would face stains and dirt; when this happens, you have to fight the compulsion of trying to rub it away. Rubbing would only create pressure on the stain or dirt, which would make it set deeper into the fabrics of your carpet. Instead of rubbing, you can instead try dabbing, which means patting, pressing, or swabbing the affected area softly.  

2. Clean Immediately and Regularly

If you want to maintain your carpets excellent quality, you have to clean it immediately and regularly. To further explain this, suppose you spilled your drink or food that causes the stain, then it is important to clean it immediately. Not acting on this incident would permit the stain to settle on the carpet, which will make it harder to remove. 

Dust, dirt, and other small undesirable particles are the main enemies of your carpet. If you don’t clean your carpet regularly, these things will accumulate in your carpet. These things, when stepped upon, would cause grinding and tear in the fiber of your carpets, wearing it out quickly. Make the dedication of vacuuming regularly to remove these undesirable things. 

3. On Cleaning Grease Stains

Sometimes, we want to eat in our living room while watching the tv, and because we lack focus on eating, we sometimes drop chunks of food into our carpets, thus resulting in grease stains. To remove these stains, you only need to use the same liquid detergent that you are using in washing your plates. 

Only apply little amounts of the liquid detergent, only enough to remove the grease stains. Use a sprayer bottle to make things easier, then obtain a piece of clean sponge, and dab the stains. Do this until the grease is gone, and then finish the job by drying it with a clean piece of cloth. 

4. On Cleaning Stains from Drinks

Like eating, we enjoy taking our drinks and sipping them anywhere in the house, and sometimes, we spill some of it in our carpets. To clean it, you can concoct your own cleaning solution; you can mix equal amounts of vinegar and water. Use the same method of cleaning like cleaning grease stains, and you will easily remove the stain from beverages like wine or juices.  

If you are having trouble on cleaning stains, or don’t have the time of regular vacuuming, you can call professional carpet cleaners Hendersonville for expert help. 

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