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The Right Way of Cleaning Carpets

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Home and office owners understand that they will have to call the carpet cleaners to deep clean and sanitize their carpets. Everybody knows that dirty carpets can be the source of health issues, such as lung disorders and allergies.

There’s a special way of cleaning carpets that only the professionals can provide. Even if you vacuum your carpet every day, sadly, that isn’t enough. The professionals have to be summoned every year or so, to make sure that your carpet is clean and healthy at all times.

How Are Carpets Cleaned?

There are different tools, equipment, and solutions needed to clean carpets. If you hire a professional, then you don’t have to worry about which one to use. Every carpet is different even though you think they’re the same. Carpets are made of different materials, and special cleaning techniques and solutions are required by each one.

But even before such cleaning solutions are used on the carpet, they should be dye tested first. The dye should be used in hidden spots to make sure that the chemicals or soaps used to clean them won’t damage their shade. If the dye testing process is successful, then the carpet will be cleaned. A good supply of hot water is necessary and that’s the job of the cleaning trucks parked outside your door.

After spraying the carpet with hot water, the soap will go next. Then the carpet will be raked to remove the soap, dirt, and excess water. Then the carpet would be rinsed with a fresh round of hot water. When that’s done, powerful vacuums will be used to extract water from it.

How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Last?

Carpet cleaning jobs take anywhere from two to three hours. Then you need to allow another three hours to let the carpet dry. However, drying may take longer if the carpet area is big. To help with the drying, open some windows or turn up the heat.

You shouldn’t move the furniture back too soon. If you do, rust and wood stains may form on the carpet. Be sure that everything has dried before doing anything. That will definitely take some time but the wait is all worth it. In essence, you shouldn’t call the carpet cleaners if you need the room within the day or the next day. Call them up a few days before the event so you’ll have enough leeway.

Different Types of Carpets

The most common types of carpets are wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs, and oriental carpets. Again, each of these follows a special cleaning process. Wall-to-wall carpets are the ones that usually require cleaning trucks parked outside your home. These carpets are attached to the building so there’s no other way of cleaning it.

Oriental carpets and area rugs are cleaned differently. Usually, the professional cleaners will collect them and take them to their plant. That way, they can clean it thoroughly and put it back in that part of your home where it used to be. Some carpet cleaners would clean area rugs on site. That’s a good option but cleaning it at their plant is the better choice. For more information about carpet cleaning, it’s best that you consult with a reputable Chattanooga carpet cleaner.

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