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Sepsis Infection and Stem Cells

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Sepsis is a health condition, which could possibly be deadly, which takes place once an individual has an infection that develops all throughout one’s body. Also, it results in inflammation, organ damage, and pain. Sepsis could take effect in quite a short time.  

Nowadays, there are some effective treatments though antibiotics are usually utilized, and could provide some assstance. Thus, it is important to search for new treatments and stem cells might be one of the newest things to help combat sepsis.  

Bone marrow stem cells  

Recently, scientists tested with a type of bone marrow stem cell to determine whether I can treat sepsis. They discovered that these stem cells can triple the chances of an individual to survive the condition. 

A greater immune system 

The utilized bone marrow stem cells are identified as mesenchymal stem cells. These specific stem cells were already recognized to be helpful in helping repair tissues and supporting the immune system of a person. For adults, mesenchymal stem cells are secluded in the bone marrow and have displayed promising results to treat some health conditions. 

Treating sepsis with stem cells 

To know whether stem cells can aid sepsis, rats that have sepsis were observed and used for the test. Dangerous bacteria in the gut were placed into the entire body of the rats. This eventually resulted in organ damage and infection. After triggering the infection, scientists then provided half of these rats a stem cell injection. Also, antibiotics were applied, which includes the other rat group that did not receive the injection of stem cells. 

After 5 days of the experiment, half of the rats that received stem cell treatment were alive. Meanwhile, 15% of the other group were alive. Since sepsis is a very deadly disease, the outcomes are extremely promising. This can make us hopeful that one day, we can utilize stem cells to enhance the results for people who undergo sepsis.  

Aiding to enhance sepsis results 

For individuals who undergo sepsis, around ¼ of them who have an extreme form of the condition dies. The restricted number of treatments will make it important that we look for fresh means to increase the chances. Another vital benefit of stem cells is that they can rapidly work. However, sepsis has major issues because once a person survives, they could be left with irreversible damage. 

Minimizing costs for healthcare 

Stem cell’s major advantage would be the fact that it does not just function to enhance the condition of a particular part of the body or organ. Rather, the mesenchymal stem cells focus on various paths, which are a portion of the infection. This helps minimize the danger of having lasting damage as well.  

Stem cell treatments can aid in minimizing numerous lives lost because of this disease every year. 

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